struggle to forgive10 Reasons Why Most People Struggle to Forgive

And What To Do About It!

By Eryka T. Johnson

As I was sitting in my favorite chair with my comfy zebra print blanket, I thought about the number of women I come into contact daily that have such an incredible potential to go far but seem to be stuck. One common thing that most of these women are dealing with is a lack of forgiveness. WOW!

Did you know forgiveness is a beautiful thing? When you truly understand the benefits it brings to your life, it becomes a daily routine you want to embrace. Things like happiness, freedom, increased creativity, & more confidence are just a few benefits that come to mind when thinking about the power of forgiveness.

However, when you struggle to forgive, you should not expect things to change in your life anytime soon. In fact, here are 10 reasons why most people struggle to forgive.

10 Reasons Why Most People Struggle to Forgive

  1. Afraid it says you are in the wrong or responsible for what happened.
  2. Feel the offender will hurt you again.
  3. Feel the offender does not deserve forgiveness.
  4. Afraid it gives permission to have a repeat situation.
  5. Feel it’s a form of weakness.
  6. Want to hold on to your right to be mad.
  7. Feel the offender has not paid enough for the offense.
  8. Feel that it takes away your power.
  9. Feel the offender can never meet your expectations again so why waste your time going through the motions.

10. Afraid to be vulnerable because it makes you a prime target for be mis-used in the future.

Whatever the reasoning is you must know that forgiveness is more for you than the person who offended you. So, if you find yourself faced with any of these 10 reasons and you truly feel the need to hold on to that past situation, this article I wrote a few weeks ago will definitely help…

I’m committed to all of us being FREE to BE who we are!

Love you much,