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10 Things Every Emerging Leader Should Know To Increase Her Influence
By Eryka T. Johnson

How often do you cater to developing the personal and emotional side of YOU when it comes to being more effective as a woman leader? You spend hours honing your professional and technical skills only to realize that you have forgotten how to handle situations and people with grace and humility. Or you honestly don’t know what you want personally, so you place demands on others which ultimately set them up for failure. Well, in today’s article, we will share 10 things every emerging leader should know to increase her influence.

  1. Put people first – As an emerging leader, you are there to serve not the other way around. Put others first by leaning in, hearing their needs, and providing a way out for them.
  2. Never stop working on yourself – I cannot stress enough that leadership first begins within. The deeper we dig into self-discovery, the greater our ability to lead ourselves and others with confidence, boldness, and humility.
  3. Treat others with dignity and respect – What a foundational value right? Our influence in leadership is directly proportional to our capacity to deal fairly with others. Who wants to follow a mean tyrant with no heart and piercing words?
  4. Provide solutions – You are the solution. As an emerging leader, you have a little something extra that most do not. The ability to face challenges head on and still see solutions.
  5. Be a good listener – When you listen, listen to gain concept and understanding. All too often we do ALL the talking and rarely listen. Those you lead my have the perfect idea that could take the entire team to another level.
  6. Never bow down to challenges – Yep, a challenge is just another way to build character and humility. So, there is no need to fear them. Also, they create a solid frame of reference that can be used for similar, future challenges.
  7. Focus on where you are going – Your focus should be on becoming a great emerging leader. You do this by serving others well, providing solutions, and growing personally. Don’t allow distractions to take your focus away from the main goal.
  8. Seek God in your decision making – The wisdom of God should be the primary source when it comes to the next step in leadership. He knows exactly what you want, need, and can handle. Go to Him first and everything else will fall into place.
  9. Remove “can’t” from your dictionary – This word is not a positive affirmation. Good leaders know how important it is to protect your future. You do this by controlling your thoughts and your words.
  10. Be clear about what you want – Clarity is everything. Every good leader has her goals and checkpoints listed out before she even starts the journey. Know exactly where you are going and do frequent reviews to understand what changes need to be made to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.

Use these simple tips to uplevel your influence and impact in leadership. Can you think of any others? Please share.

See you at the top!


Eryka T. Johnson