2013 Is the Year to Get Serious about Making a Difference with Your Life!


Do you feel like you are missing something in your life but want to fill this gap & make every moment in 2013 count? I sure hope so!

Well, you are not alone. Many are suffering from being paralyzed by indecision and wandering around with no direction yet hoping that things would magically change.

I know this was where I was a few years ago. And since 2005, I began my journey of trying to understand this word called PURPOSE.  I not only wanted to know my purpose and how to fulfill it where many lives would be touched but I also desired to coach others through the process of finding their purpose. And, I finally have simplified the process and removed all the guesswork.

Before you say, I don’t need anyone to help me with that because all I need to do is a simple gifts test and I’m good…let me share this. Everyone is created with purpose, in fact, purposes. You may be able to do a simple gifts test and figure that you have everything you need to get started. Not so!

There is a distinct difference between purpose, destiny, gifts, & skills. If you are trying to lead with just one believing that it takes care of the rest, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, there is a way to have all working seamlessly and you being at your very best without much effort. Let me teach you a method to finding your purpose that no other coaches are sharing.

Introducing the first of its kind – Finding Your Purpose & Using Your Gifts Effectively 8 Week Mentorship through the Life Calls Group Coaching Program with Eryka T. Johnson.


What we will be teaching in this program:

  • How to get the mindset required to SEE YOUR DESTINY & who you were created to be.
  • Why you were made to produce at a higher level using your natural abilities & gifts!
  • What is the difference between purpose, destiny, gifts & skills?  And, why it really matters?
  • What purpose really looks like & why it is not good enough to just know it! 
  • Whose eyes to look through to affirm your IDENTITY & WORTH?
  • Stop dismissing how you are wired & let your inner child speak.
  • What your dreams & visions really say about you. And, why you can trust them.
  • Can the mess you endured in your life really help you to SOLVE TODAY’S PROBLEMS?
  • Finding a common ground & platform for you to share your purpose.
  • Why your purpose is NOT ONLY FOR YOU. Understand who else it is for & why you can’t sit down any longer.
  • Your purpose, your plan, & how to measure your progress.
  • Why it is important to include your FAMILY in your efforts rather than putting your purpose in a box.
  • Why purpose can be MANY but destiny is only ONE!

NOTE: Kickstart to Change Toolkit will be my special gift to you to help you get ready for this mentorship program.

Are you ready? Grab a seat now…


This program begins in January! And, I want to work with you!

Committed to Seeing You Succeed,

Eryka T. Johnson