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[Women Leaders] 3 Must Haves to Include on Your Vision Board

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As we mentioned previously, vision boards are powerful tools to help you reach your goals. If you are creating a vision board from the holistic approach, you must include items that will help you be a more effective leader of your LIFE. Because leadership is a responsibility rather than a role, you must be intentional. One way to do that is to include three must haves on your vision board.

Here are the three must haves:

Programs, trainings, conferences, and e-courses you will take or books you will read to continue developing your personal, professional, financial, and leadership skills. These are things you want to become. These are areas in which you desire to improve. For example, here are a few tools I will use this year…

  1. Book – Become Your Own Boss in 12 months
  2. Topic – Women’s Sexual Health
  3. Program – Women CEO Project training for entrepreneurs

There are resources available to you that will help further your goals and reach them in record time. Vision boards allow you to schedule your development plan. I like to do this from a “whole person” perceptive not just in one area.


Group of people you want to touch in a positive way (your tribe). These are those people you want to lead, inspire, give hope to, and give a voice to their story.

  1. How do you plan to help them?
  2. Will you create resources for them?
  3. How will you give of your time to them?
  4. How do you intend to meet their needs?
  5. Where do these people hang out?
  6. What are the best ways to help them reach their goals?

Your gifts are not merely for you. They are for others. In fact, gifts are most effective when you use them to help others. If your gifts are not used for others, you are simply just admiring them. This is why they are called “gifts.”


Plans to refresh yourself. How will you incorporate down time into your schedule? You give so much to your family, career, business, and your church. How do you plan to retreat for a couple days?

  1. Will you take a weekend trip for yourself?
  2. Will you go to a retreat?
  3. Will you go to the spa a couple times a year to relax?
  4. Will you include dates with your favorite girlfriends?

Think about how you will get some alone time to relax, re-focus, get fresh vision, and new perspective on reaching your goals. Think about things that will make you happy where you don’t have to think about your kids, husband, or family. You must dedicate time for YOU.

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