financial challenges3 Quick Tips To Ease Marriage Conflict When Facing Difficult Financial Challenges

Eryka T. Johnson

Do you find yourself arguing with your spouse over finances? Well, dealing with difficult financial challenges can often lead to stress in a marriage.  Whether overspending, excessive credit card usage, impulsive buying, or extreme penny pinching, each instance has the potential to put husbands and wives against one another. Here are 3 tips to ease marriage conflict when facing difficult financial challenges…

Sit down together and develop a plan.

Having the opportunity to provide insight and give feedback on how finances should be used for the household often helps to build trust. When one feels their opinion matters, it’s easier to feel a part of a team and one is more apt to being open about purchases made or purchases to be made.

Hold each other accountable.

Once you decide on a plan, hold each other accountable to living by that plan. If a purchase comes up that was not agreed to by both you and your spouse, put it on hold until you’re able to discuss it openly.  If you need to make an emergency purchase and you’re unable to reach your spouse, make the purchase and share with your spouse as soon as possible.

Make adjustments when necessary.

Although you have made a spending plan, be open to making adjustments when necessary. Perhaps, you need to spend more and save less one month. You know what works best for your family.

Many marriages end in divorce because of un-resolved financial challenges. This does not have to be you. Can you think of other tips to share to ease marriage conflict when it comes to finances? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson