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3 Tips To Being A Woman Leader Of Influence That Others Willingly Follow

By Eryka T. Johnson

Are you a woman leader of influence that others willingly follow? The most successful leaders have one thing in common. You inspire others with your words, thoughts, and actions. You inspire them to become better versions of themselves and be true to their values, goals, and dreams. But what happens when you show up with the inspiration but no listens or follows you? In this article, we will discuss three tips to being a woman leader of influence that others willingly follow.

When your following is fully engaged, they are aligned on these three things…

  1. They understand what you offer and see your value. You have proven results or have gotten results for them personally.
  2. They are clear about where you are leading them. The vision is clear and the goal is precise.
  3. They believe that you can help them. You are the solution to their problem and bring the right tools, resources, and expertise to the table.

However, when your team lacks engagement or not enough people support you or your vision, you may have an issue with being a woman leader of influence. You are not magnetic enough so you don’t attract the right following. If this sounds like you, here are three tips to being a woman leader of influence that others willing follow.

Lead with relationship.

In the workplace and marketplace, CONNECTION is key. People want to be treated like human beings rather than transactions. You have to be more interested in your customer base – those you lead – and not simply meeting the goals, metrics, or KPIs. What does your following need, want, desire, and like? What are their struggles, hopes, and values? If you let them know you care, you will not have an engagement issue or issue with meeting your monthly targets. In everything you do as a woman leader of influence, build trust.


Lead with authenticity.

Authentic means real or genuine…not copied or false. YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL! In fact, there is not only just ONE type of woman leader of influence. We all have our own unique leadership style rooted in our personal experiences. Those areas where you have more knowledge, you will be more sensitive to and lead more effectively from that place. When you can share from your own experiences, people find themselves in your story and struggle. This lets them know you are GENUINE and human. And, they get the “green light” to follow and support you.


Lead with self-awareness.

A woman leader of influence who understands her limitations is a better leader. Do you have self-limiting beliefs that could hold back your team? Do you lack the confidence to lead effectively? Own your mess and deal with it privately. It’s time to get real about where you need to strengthen your leadership game. Refuse to project your shortcomings on others. The most EFFECTIVE leader is one who leads themselves well and manages their life first. Find the people and resources to help you. A good place to start is with my book – Own Your Life. Your following will thank you for it.

If you are suffering with being more magnetic as a leader, you should lead with relationship, lead with authenticity, and lead with self-awareness.

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Stand OUT!

Eryka T. Johnson