3 Tips to Setting Boundaries With Your Family

Today we are talking about one of those subjects that if you never master, you are asking for non-stop conflict, aggravation, and stress in your life. It is setting boundaries around your family relationships.

Boundaries are not intended to push anyone out of your life. Rather, it’s clear instruction on how others will behave within your personal space.

Ouch…so, this means family as well. If you are not careful, family will bring drama into your life, have a total dis-regard for your wishes, and force themselves on you.

In today’s video, let’s talk about the subject of setting boundaries when it comes to family. You don’t have to “walk on egg shells” any longer. It’s time to draw the line in love so you can live life happy and drama-free. These 3 tips will help.


Eryka T. Johnson

setting boundaries