ready to commit

Are You Ready To Commit To The Life You Deserve?

By Eryka T. Johnson

If you are ready to commit, the life you deserve is right around the corner. Another year is almost here and it brings an opportunity to commit to new things and follow through with them as well. Below, these are not New Year’s resolutions rather they are 10 commitments which you pledge to walk out daily. Remember, progress is taking one step at a time in the direction you desire.

You may consider choosing 3 to 4 of these commitments and focusing specifically on them over the course of the year.

I commit to standing tall knowing I matter and my opinions are just that mine. I do not give anyone the right to tear down my self-esteem or cause me to coward concerning my views.

I commit to living in prosperity, particularly in my mind. My Father is rich and desires for all His children to live in the light of knowledge rather than ignorance. Poverty is not my portion this year.

I commit to growing as an individual and investing in my future often. Instead of saying I cannot do it, I will take the time to learn a new skill and go from there.

I commit to making my family a priority. I will learn when to say no to un-necessary time suckers and choose my kids and spouse instead.

I commit to using the technology around me to prevent me from being overwhelmed. I will not neglect my responsibilities or ignore my family.

I commit to working hard and playing harder. The stress of my job will not have me in such a frenzy that I don’t know when to rest. Instead, I schedule some regular play time for myself.

I commit to being a mother that my kids respect and admire. I will not criticize my kids for their creativity and ability to think outside the box. Instead, I will encourage their dreams and provide them with the resources to make their dream a reality.

I commit to standing up for what is right. I will fight for things that matter rather than sitting and permitting things that should not be.

I commit to being a rock star wife. I honor my husband and care about his needs in our relationship. I will not be so focused on me and the kids that I forget that he needs quality time with the girl he loves. Therefore, we will have regular date nights.

I commit to forgiving myself and extending grace when things do not go as planned. Although I make plans, I must remain flexible. I will not be obsessed with getting everything right every time.

Expect to see change in your life as you keep your commitments close to your heart. The life you deserve awaits you if you are ready to commit.

Which commitment will be your top priority? Please comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson