believe in yourself

Believe in Yourself Without the Approval of Others

By Eryka T. Johnson

Learning to believe in yourself without seeking the approval of others has always been a hot topic for me. As a woman, who has lived a tumultuous life and was addicted to impressing others and having the support of their words, this is a very personal topic for me. In today’s article, we will discuss how to believe in yourself without the need to gain approval from others. You may want to print out this article and highlight the ah-ha moments as you work to gain more confidence in yourself.

Did you know that your belief creates your reality? Yep! I feel some of you reading now are about to get a much needed breakthrough. Keep reading.

See, your belief is rooted in YOUR TRUTH. Without getting too scientific here let me explain. Your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that sets your framework on how you see things in life. And, this framework is set by the things you feed it. If you trust in the lie that you would never be anything as your mother said then this becomes a belief. Your subconscious mind accepts the lie and does everything to stay in alignment with your belief; even, to the point of only showing you the things that would sabotage your life and defeat your chances of excelling in life.

You must be cautious about the things you believe particularly about yourself.

This is the issue…you have grown so accustomed to depending on others for wisdom and insight that whatever they saw becomes your reality. Not because they spoke it into your life but because you told your subconscious mind that what was said was the truth.

You have the power and the responsibility to place significance on any thought that crosses your mind or any words that have been spoken into your life. You must tell your subconscious being if it is the truth or a lie because it is totally indifferent. This allows you to create the life you want to see.

You create limitations in your life by what you believe. If you struggle to believe in yourself it is because you have the belief that you don’t deserve the best, you will never be good enough, or even you don’t deserve to benefit from your hard work. The reality is you DO deserve the best, you ARE good enough, and you DO deserve to benefit from your hard work.

You have the power to conquer limitations in your life. Has your burden lifted yet?!

In case it has not, let me share with you 3 questions you should ask if you struggle to believe in yourself and need the confidence to change your life now.

  1. How do I see myself? Take a moment to get a mental picture of yourself… without any limitations. Don’t think about what you don’t have or the resources you need. See yourself living without all the baggage and limitations that you are burdened with on a daily basis. If you can see yourself in a different light, it becomes within your reach.
  2. Am I convinced of my abilities? Your abilities are what cause you to be confident and trust in yourself. If you not yet convinced, you always have the option to increase your learning or work on the things you want to improve. Do you know the resource you can invest in to increase your ability or develop your skill a little more?
  3. Do you I know myself? What are the things you are comfortable with doing and sharing. These things will probably be your strengths and you could possibly overlook them if you have built them into your daily life. Take a moment to write out the things you do well. Also, be aware of the things that will cause you to get stuck and fell back into bad habits. This too will help to build confidence.

Overall, to overcome a wrong belief, you need to take action in the direction of what you really want to see in yourself. It is totally within you to change what you want to see in your life. I’ve had to do it several times and continue to work on myself as I’m faced with limiting beliefs about my capabilities.

What is one limiting belief about yourself will you conquer? Comment and let me know.

Eryka T. Johnson