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[Women Leaders] Best Places to Find Pics & Quotes for Vision Boards

This is last post in the “Vision Board” Series. If you did not read post #3, go back now. Here’s the link.

Because vision boards are visual collages of your life and dreams in pictures, affirmations, words, and mantras, you want to find the best images that will motivate you and keep you focused on where you want to go.

Here are a few good places to find your pics and quotes for your personal vision board.


If you have existing magazine subscriptions, this will be an easy place to start. Simply cut images and words directly from old magazine issues. Otherwise, visit your doctor’s office or the public library and ask for any old magazines they are willing to share with you. There are tons of magazines that you can grab items from. I’m using several magazines from this list for my vision board.

    • The O Magazine
    • Redbook
    • Cosmopolitian
    • Essence
    • Forbes
    • Success
    • Inc.
    • Entrepreneur
    • Ebony
    • People
    • Women’s Health
    • Woman’s Day
    • Woman’s World
    • House Beautiful
    • Time
    • Simple Living
    • Good Housekeeping


Stock Images

I typically like to purchase stock images from sites like or Also, I recently found a blog that creates their own images and give them away for free if you signup to receive their newsletter called I’ve begun using those for my website and social media channels.


Create your own picture quotes

Use free tools like or They are simple to use and there are several free tutorials out there to help you get started.


Create your own words and mantras using Microsoft Word

You can download interesting and unique fonts from to use in the creation process. These will allow you to create impactful phrases and words that will stand out on your vision board.

This completes our “Vision Board” Series. If you found it to be helpful, leave me a comment below.

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