building confidence

A Breakthrough in Confidence & Self-Esteem

By Eryka T. Johnson

Could you REALLY use a breakthrough in your confidence & self-esteem today?

I certainly NEEDED a breakthrough considering I was not 100% sure of myself for years. The thoughts of not being good enough and not having what it takes to be my BEST were often in my mind. I was a MESS!

Seriously, my lack of confidence and wavering self-esteem often put me in a position of wanting more but not able to access MORE.

Since that time, I’ve spent hours focusing on how to overcome one of the #1 issues that women across the globe suffer with regardless of ethnicity, social status, and educational background. This time of focusing on the solution rather the problem has put me in a position to share tips and strategies that have worked for me and several of my clients. Here is what one of my clients had to say…

I always knew my purpose was to help others to attain their financial goals through Tax Consulting and Debt Management, however, fear kept me from moving forward with my business. I had so much information to share and a great plan but it was cluttered and I didn’t know how to organize it properly. I sought help through Eryka’s ministry!  She has helped me to achieve a level of confidence that I haven’t experienced. Through her teachings, I am able to organize my work efficiently and manage my time better. I am confident promoting my business and have had some success this past tax season. So Thank you Eryka for all you have done!!!  Yolonda B. Beverly Tax & Financial Services

For 1.5 hours on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @8:00 pm EST, I’m sharing my secrets with you to being more confident & having a positive self-esteem despite what’s going on in your life. Join me at “Building Confidence & Self-Esteem That Lasts No Matter What” Webinar!

Get your seat if you…

  • Don’t know where to get started
  • Find your confidence coming but not lasting very long
  • Find yourself confident around certain people and not others
  • Often worry what others think about you
  • Sometimes make decisions where others are happy and you’re not
  • Want to be happy & live better
  • Want to finally reach your goals without hesitation or feeling inadequate

This LIVE training is ONLY $17 and if it doesn’t change your life and provide clear direction to building lasting confidence, I’ll refund your investment. So, there is absolutely NOTHING to lose for you.

Space is filling up! Will you join me?

With LOVE,