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Gain The Finanical Independence You’ve Always Dream About…

finanical freedomFinancial Freedom Is Within Your Reach And Starts NOW!

Do you often dream of being financially free? You know…living a life where money is NOT an issue, your needs and the needs of your family are met, there is money in the bank and you are free to do what you LOVE even start your own business.

financial freedomBut…could some of these challenges be holding you back?

  • More bills than money
  • Constantly struggling to make ends meet (month after month)
  • Overspending on items you REALLY don’t need like shoes and purses
  • Massive credit card debt
  • Feeling guilty for placing your family in a financial mess
  • Lost your job and not sure what your next step should be
  • Struggling to take care of your children without the financial support of the father
  • Paying off one bill to only have new bills pop up
  • Trying to get ahead to only have your only vehicle or refrigerator break

Well, keep reading because you’re NOT alone. I have been where you are and know what it feels like.

Remembering when we were living from paycheck to paycheck and desperately doing everything to make ends meet. My husband and I both worked full-time jobs but NEVER could seem to get ahead. We were making purchases we could not afford and spending money we did NOT have. In fact, we were living off of credit cards to enjoy the things we REALLY wanted.

financial freedomWe were completely STRESSED drowning in debt and had created a HUGE mess!

But, one day, we were offered an opportunity to get in a better financial state and clean up the problems we had created. We jumped at the chance because we wanted to stay together, be happy, and enjoy life again.

The 1st step to financial freedom is ALWAYS the hardest because it requires complete honesty about your overall financial state – your spending, your debt, and your attitude towards money. But, if you want to reduce monthly expenses, save money, build wealth, or even start your own business, it ALL starts at one place…financial awareness & budgeting.


“Budgeting Made Simple – The 1st Step To Financial Freedom” Tele-class Recording

Join me along with my special guest & in-house financial expert Yolonda B. Beverly for this exclusive tele-class.  For 1.5 hours, we share the tools, strategies, and support to becoming financially free.

financial freedom Wanting to help put an end to the financial stress and worry you’ve experienced over the last few years, I’m bringing in the expertise of a financial advisor who I trust with my personal and business finances. Yolonda B. Beverly not only has been working in the financial field for over 10 years, but she has the track record, passion, and an unique ability to help her clients put their finances in order.

If you’re close to giving up, please DON’T!

Get your tele-class recording and…

  • Get clear on your financial status (where you stand)
  • Learn the basics to creating a monthly budget and sticking to it
  • Learn how much to spend on necessities, desires, and wants
  • Learn the tricks to living within your means
  • Get some of the same strategies I used to pay off $20,000 in debt in less than 2 years without taking on an extra job
  • Get the discipline and know-how to enjoy financial freedom
  • See a way out of your financial mess & get the break you desperately need
  • Get your finances in order so you can do what you love
  • Get the right mindset towards money & spending

Here is what some of Yolonda’s clients had to say…

You did a great job and I felt you cared about me and my personal information and you are very professional. Trulisa H.

Yolonda is the best at what she does and my family will always consult with her about our tax services and financial advice. Sharlene and Carl Owens

Well, for me I’ve supported Yolonda for over 6 years. Even when I was preparing to purchase my first home, I relied on Yolonda’s business knowledge to ensure I received the BEST financial outcome for a single individual. Yolonda is not only my financial expert she is truly my sista-friend. L. Reid

Let’s work together to put an end to your money problems!

1- EZ Payment of $47


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1-EZ payment of $47