building confidence

End the Struggle With Lack of Confidence And Low Self-Esteem Today!

Do you wish you could build confidence that lasts despite the circumstances you face on a daily basis?

Many women today struggle to build & maintain confidence while in certain environments and around particular individuals. In fact, some of the GREATEST struggles occur…

  • At home
  • At work
  • In social settings
  • When conflict arises
  • In the presence of intimidating people
  • When cash runs low
  • When they don’t look their best
  • In day-to-day interactions with others

There are times in EVERY woman’s life when you begin to doubt your abilities and find yourself shrinking when you REALLY should be stepping up to the challenge and letting your value shine through.

You’re totally not alone here! Just a few years ago, I was ONE of those women.

building confidenceI had gifts, talents, abilities & incredible potential, but was not completely 100% sure of myself and the things I was capable of doing.

Honestly, this was a time in my life where I felt MOST helpless. Thoughts of inadequacy and the feeling of not being good enough often plagued my mind and kept me up at night.

I wanted to live better, be happy, and be my BEST self, yet my limiting self-esteem and confidence level kept me from reaching my goals. Not only that, numerous opportunities to grow & develop pass me by because I thought I did not deserve them nor had what it took to be successful.

Wow! Was I wrong?!?!

My life did a drastic 360 degree TURNAROUND when I became aware of 3 things missing in my life that could make everything better. The moment I found them the cycle of being up one day and down the next finally was BROKEN.

I had cracked the code to having lasting confidence and high self-esteem which could very well be your way OUT today!

building confidence


Would you like to know what it takes?

Having never released ALL three secrets before, I’m totally eager & ready to team up with you to conquer ONE of the most pressing issues for women worldwide regardless of ethnicity, social status, or educational background.


Building Confidence & Self-Esteem That Lasts No Matter What Webinar

Join me for 1.5 hours  as we discover what it takes to remain confident with a positive self-esteem even in the most challenging situations.

We will discuss the foundation that has allowed me to be more confident in the last 5 years than I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

This tele-class is for you if you…

  • Don’t know where to get started
  • Find your confidence coming but not lasting very long
  • Find yourself confident around certain people and not others
  • Often worry what others think about you
  • Sometimes make decisions where others are happy and you’re not
  • Want to be happy & live better
  • Want to finally reach your goals without hesitation or feeling inadequate

Here’s what some of my past clients had to say…

 I always knew my purpose was to help others to attain their financial goals through Tax Consulting and Debt Management, however, fear kept me from moving forward with my business. I had so much information to share and a great plan but it was cluttered and I didn’t know how to organize it properly. I sought help through Eryka’s ministry!  She has helped me to achieve a level of confidence that I haven’t experienced. Through her teachings, I am able to organize my work efficiently and manage my time better. I am confident promoting my business and have had some success this past tax season. So Thank you Eryka for all you have done!!!  Yolonda B. Beverly Tax & Financial Services

The scripture that refers to me being ‘wonderfully and fearfully created’ has a totally new meaning to me as of late.   NOW, I am learning to actually walk in that verse rather than just quote it!  Making a decision to walk through low self-esteem, which I learned to camouflage most of my life, can cause my anxiety level to control the outcome.  For so long, I have chosen to take the back seat in order for others to be happy or because I didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or because I simply felt I had failed again. Thank you Eryka for helping me get to this point! Wanda Raddle

Since I begin working with Eryka Johnson, my life has done a complete 360. Her patience and close attention to detail help me to identify key issues that were the root of various issues.  I am grateful that I am now more equipped to move forward with vision and purpose God has for me. I currently work in Higher Education and I am a Motivational/Workshop Speaker. Quevarra Moten Arcoven founder of Quevarra Speaks

This is becoming a liberating journey for me.  Have I arrived yet?  No…but the Lord will send ones to feed and strengthen us for the road we are to travel.  I thank you Ms. Eryka, for being that rest stop along the way.  You have refreshed, strengthened, and given hope to where I can honestly and confidently say, I CAN do it!  Linda Ousley – Director, Praise Station Groups

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I’m so confident that what I’m sharing in this webinar will change your life and provide clear direction to building lasting confidence, I’m placing a 100% guarantee on it. If you’re NOT completely satisfied, I will refund 100% of your investment – no questions asked.

building confidence

Don’t wait…grab your recording NOW! What do you have to lose?