6 Signs Your Life Is Out of Balance & In Need of Work-Life Integration

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6 Signs Your Life Is Out of Balance & In Need of Work-Life Integration Women professionals often suffer from chaotic lives by leading at work, home, and in life. With only 24 hours in a day, you may find yourself pressed for time and not completing every task you set out to accomplish for the week. Before you feel guilty about not achieving every goal, let’s determine if you may be out of balance and in need of a serious tune up in the area of work-life integration. What is work-life integration? Work-life integration is simply the process of combining [...]

Is HELP A Bad Word?

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Is HELP A Bad Word? By Eryka T. Johnson How often do you ask for help? You know with some of the challenges you face. You spend so much time managing everything from your team, your home, the finances, and the list goes on. But, when do you raise your hand and sincerely ask for someone to come along side you to assist? Well, in today’s article, we will discuss whether or not help is a bad word for any woman leader. Society has sold the idea once again…if you can’t handle every facet of your life, then you are [...]

Spring Clean Your Life Checklist For Women Leaders

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Spring Clean Your Life Checklist for Women Leaders By Eryka T. Johnson Do you spring clean your life like you do your home? Well, it’s time to re-evaluate the status of how things are going. And, make decisions on what to keep or NOT take into this new season. You can use this quick checklist to assess, spruce up, and change things around in your life. This list is NOT exhaustive but it will at least get you to thinking. Feel free to add to it. Make it work for you. Get ready to spring clean your life, relationships, thought [...]

Women In Leadership Need Confidants Too

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Women In Leadership Need Confidants Too By Eryka T. Johnson Leadership can get lonely at times. You invest so much time and energy inspiring and building others and sharing the vision. When conflict arises in your life, it’s difficult to know who to trust or even if you can truly bear your soul to another. In other words…is it ok to be vulnerable as a leader?  In today’s article, we will discuss why women in leadership need confidants too.   Many women leaders have been sold a lie. What’s that? In leadership, you are expected to be perfect and having [...]