CEOStrategy #2– Have a CEO mentality even as an individual contributor

A good leader sees herself as a CEO long before acquiring added responsibility.

She has a holistic approach. She is not merely concerned about only her slice but understands how her slice fits into the entire pie seamlessly.

Everything she does goes beyond herself. She learns and does not hide the information understanding that a real influencer has to mentor others and share the knowledge. Her job is her business.

This is what I call having a CEO mentality.

A woman CEO is an owner. She understands ownership and is not afraid to initiate change without asking for permission. Ownership is a favorite word of mine. An owner is different from everyone else. She has “skin in the game.” She is invested. She cares. What she does in the organization truly matters and ultimately adds value.

To gain concept think about it this way. When I was in college, I rented a home off campus for a semester. This was not my property but it was merely a place to sleep, eat, and do homework. After college, I would be moving on and some other engineering student would be living there. I was not concerned with maintaining it to the best of my ability. I did not care about painting the walls, spring cleaning, or clearing the gutters. I did not mow the lawn or pull weeds from the garden. I only paid rent which included the cost of utilities. The owner maintained everything else.

You see…those who are not owners typically don’t have a long term view and are not seriously concerned about the investment.

A Chief Executive Officer wants to know what’s going on and how it affects her ability to deliver exceptional results to her customer that ultimately equal profits for her. She makes decisions for the greater good and not only to benefit herself.

Translating that mentality into your workplace will give you an edge. Think beyond your cubicle or office and envision how your job impacts the overall business.

One day I was driving to work and I thought about this concept. My job is my business. If I would seriously focus on my job giving it my best what a difference I could make. I would be true to myself. In that moment, I became a BOSS…in fact my own BOSS.

Ownership is obvious and your management will take notice. Take a look at the difference of mentality between a CEO and an individual contributor.

  A CEO thinks…does this align with the overall company plan?
  An Individual Contributor thinks…how can this benefit me?
  A CEO thinks…who in my group can I share this information with to help them?
  An Individual Contributor thinks…how can I keep this information to myself and be the only superstar?
  A CEO thinks…how does my work fit into the overall scheme of things and what improvements can I initiate to make the process easier for the next person?
  An Individual Contributor thinks…I got my work done so it’s the next person’s problem now.
  A CEO is looking to add value and translate her skills into wins for the organization.
  An Individual Contributor is looking to complete her assignment without considering the top priority items first.
  A CEO is accountable and owns her work.
  An Individual Contributor sees herself only as an employee.



Your homework today is to review the checklist above to determine if you are a CEO or an individual contributor. Where you see the need to shift incorporate the CEO mentality into your job.

Well, this wraps up strategy #2. Let’s implement. Send any questions to

I’ll talk to you soon. Strategy #3 will be in your inbox shortly.



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