It’s Time to Be Brave, Eliminate the Excuses, & Live Your Dreams Happily


Dear Leader, Woman with a BIG Dream, & Fellow Influencer:

Do you find yourself at times living in fear? There’s an incredible dream to do something BIG on the inside of you, but fear holds you back. You want it so badly that you often toss and turn at night wondering how and when it will happen. It’s constantly on your mind. Yet, you are stuck, unable to move, and totally gripped by fear and what could go wrong.

I get it! Remembering the time I wanted to launch my dream of connecting with women from all over the world to inspire and empower them by really speaking to the leader in them. Doubt invaded my mind. Where would I get the resources to travel globally speaking to women? Would I be good enough? Did I have the qualifications to lead a diverse group of women? Who would really listen? And the list goes on…

My dream was stuck in my heart guarded by fear and excuses with no way of getting out until I took action.

The greatest thing that ever happened to my dream was when I allowed COURAGE to rise up, be the loudest voice I heard, and lead me to living it. Now I get to connect with nearly 15,000 women globally on a daily basis.

Although your dream may be different from mine, you still have a responsibility to live it!

fearSo, what’s your dream? The thing you always wanted to do, be, or have. Let’s see if you can relate with any of the points below. If fear was not an issue, I would…

  • Be my own BOSS with an instant pay raise.
  • Start my own blog sharing my experiences as a mother with others.
  • Write that book or script and share my story with the world.
  • Have my dream job or career.
  • Be more organized, disciplined, and grounded.
  • Be a better Mom and build a stronger family unit.
  • Be healthy, debt free, and wealthy.
  • Complete my projects on time.
  • Learn new marketing skills to connect my business to clients.
  • Have a deeper relationship with God.
  • Purchase my dream home.

Whatever the case, you would be at the top of your game and experiencing life to the fullest. Who doesn’t want that?!?!



“Convert Your Fear Into Courage – 4 Easy Ways to Launch Your Dreams Like A BOSS International Tele-class”

on Monday, February 2, 2015 @ 8:00pm EST. Join me and an international community of women for 1 hour as we discuss 4 steps on intentionally releasing fear, being brave, and standing in your power as you live your dream.

It’s time to be courageous and bring joy, balance, and happiness back into your life.

This class is for you if:

  • You struggle with the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of success.
  • You lack the confidence and courage to stand up and fight for your dreams & your best life.
  • You want to be more disciplined, focused, and purposeful with your time and energy.
  • You have a dream but no direction or momentum.
  • You know you need to make a change TODAY but afraid to start.
  • You don’t want to live this year like you have lived the past 5 years.
  • You desire MORE.

 Don’t MISS your moment being in FEAR!

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fear“I always knew my purpose was to help others to attain their financial goals through Tax Consulting and Debt Management, however, fear kept me from moving forward with my business. I had so much information to share and a great plan but it was cluttered and I didn’t know how to organize it properly.

 I sought help through Eryka’s ministry! She has helped me to achieve a level of confidence that I haven’t experienced. Through her teachings, I am able to organize my work efficiently and manage my time better. I am confident promoting my business and have had some success this past tax season. So, thank you Eryka for all you have done!!!” Yolonda Beverly

This is what we will cover:

  1. 4 ways to use fear as your fuel & build the courage to fully commit to and live out your dreams.
  2. What role does fear really play in your life?
  3. F.E.A.R. – Fully Expecting and Attracting Resistance
  4. Find out what great leaders do to overcome their fears – you’ll be surprised!
  5. How to stop listening to fear and take direction from the BOLD you locked inside.
  6. Personal acceptance and tuning out inner criticism

fear“Eryka and her sessions are jam packed with valuable information that helped me from self-destruction….I will Forever be thankful! ”

Donyelle Leachman



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