breakthrough barriers

Having The Courage To Breakthrough Personal Barriers
  By Eryka T. Johnson

What’s holding you back? You know…from being who you were designed to be and who you desire to become. Whether your personal barrier is fear of success, feeling you are not good enough, or even believing that you don’t have the qualifications to lead, they all require you to have this one quality…COURAGE. Courage is something that is within reach. In this article, we will discuss how to have the courage to breakthrough personal barriers to owning your life like a boss.

To understand how to activate courage, we must first understand what courage means. Simply put, courage is the ability to break through in the face of adversity, extreme difficulty, unbelief, and fear. Courage allows you to do something even if you are completely terrified.

Courage is not elusive rather it can be learned and developed with practice.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been having a difficult time on my job with a supervisor who often times is quite condescending and arrogant. The energy she gives off can be intimidating and a complete turn off. Well, we were not aligned on our approach to getting work done and interacting with the team. Honestly, I allowed a strong dislike for her style to cause me to feel “some type of way.”

After seeking out advice from a mentor within the company, I was encouraged to do the right thing – reach out to her, invite her to lunch, and give her my full attention to understand her perspective.

This was a huge challenge for me!

I honestly believe I begin harboring un-forgiveness towards her and in order for me to reach out to her would take some serious courage. Personally, I did not want to make myself vulnerable to her because I’ve been hurt so many times prior by leadership within corporate America. Yet, I needed relief and wanted a clear conscious for the work that was ahead.

It took the MOST courage to merely send her the invite requesting her presence at a lunch. Although my heart was beating faster than usual, I typed the invite and hit send. There was an immediate sigh of relief once I got the acceptance email.

I’m not sure what personal barrier is holding you back today. But, you have the power within you to break through. Here are 3 tips that can help you work on releasing your full self and being your BEST:

  •  Clearly identify your personal barrier.
  • Realize this is the one thing keeping you from fully living and enjoying your dream life.
  • Attack it even if you are afraid. Move pass what your inner thoughts or past experiences are speaking to you.

Own your life boldly. Have the courage to breakthrough your barriers and take control of your destiny.

Let me hear from you. What personal barrier do you need to break through?

See you at the top!

Eryka T. Johnson