Your Degree of Insensitivity

By Eryka T. Johnson

There is joy for those who deal justly with others and always do what is right. (Ps 106:3)

As we live in what we call daily life, often times we are faced with moments of being insensitive towards others or even apathetic towards our cause. If we are not careful, we can wound individuals and loss all hope of sharing true love. This leads us to be labeled as workers against the cause of Jesus Christ.

I was travelling home from Virginia after participating in a week-long training and several meetings. By Friday, I was spent. All I could envision was getting home to my family and resting. While I was waiting for everyone to board the plane and get settled in their seats, I could see a very large man coming down the aisle. I realized that the aisle seat right next to me was still empty but was so sure that he would not be sitting there. Needless to say, I was wrong. The gentleman got to the seat, asked if I’d mind him raising the arm rest, and proceeded to sit down in his seat and 1/3 of mine. Today was not the day that I particularly felt considerate in fact I was downright insensitive to the needs of this gentleman because I was so focused on myself and my tiredness. I was thinking in my mind about calling the flight attendant and requesting to be moved and even wondering why this gentleman did not purchase two seats. I had a choice to make – cause trouble for the gentleman even though I knew he felt as awkward as I did or get over it and try my best to make this ride home as pleasant as possible. I choose to engage him in conversation. To my surprise, I had a blast talking with him and hearing his story. In fact, at one moment he got out of the seat to go to the men’s room. I quickly realized that the heating system on the plane was not so good as I rapidly grew cold. I was anxiously awaiting his return.

I can’t help but to believe that this moment was designed for me. It is so easy to talk as though we are living right but what about just living right. I know this incident could have turned out differently had I chose to care only about my needs. Take a moment to re-evaluate what you are called to and determine what is your degree of insensitivity to the needs of others?

Eryka T. Johnson