do you have vision

Do You Have Sight or Do you Have Vision

Valisha McFarlane

Do you have sight or do you have vision? Today’s article will let you in on a little secret…“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV)

Do you have a written personal vision for your life? If not, you are probably frustrated and feel you are going around in circles.

What dream is in your heart that will not leave no matter how long it has been there?

What do you feel you were really born to do?

Stop looking down in the valleys and low points of your life and lift up your eyes to the hills and see what God sees for your life. A God-given vision is so large that it appears virtually impossible to accomplish. Most often, the challenge is found in trusting God with the specifics of how it will come to pass. But do not be dismayed, you must understand that you are trying to accomplish something that is already finished in the spiritual realm.

God is letting you see a glimpse of it so just be faithful that it will surely come to pass. And remember, Godly visions are not selfish. Make sure you are not trying to build your kingdom instead of God’s Kingdom. Your vision should not just benefit you. It must leave a positive impact on those you will serve.

When you are operating by sight, you will probably be too consumed by the problems and circumstances that are surrounding you. You will not see things in their proper perspective. You will be too busy examining your current situations with a magnifying glass instead of observing everything from God’s viewpoint.

In the natural, some of us may be nearsighted. Items within our close proximity may be seen clearly, but looking at things far away is difficult because they are all a blur. Spiritually, you may be experiencing some nearsightedness. You may be able to comprehend and enjoy your everyday purposes and roles you fulfill, but have a great difficulty grasping a long-term, huge God idea for your future.

Then again, some of you may wear eyeglasses because you are farsighted. You may have difficulty reading the newspaper or a book, but have no problem seeing things down the road in clear focus. From a spiritual aspect, your farsightedness may cause you to have big dreams of doing mighty things for God. However, the small goals and organization needed to make any dream become a reality are all a blur.

Just as the doctor writes a unique prescription to correct your natural vision, the Great Physician has written a vision plan for you. It is called faith. Vision requires faith to see beyond your current circumstances. Correct your eyesight with the word of God. It brings clarity and 20/20 vision so you can see the complete picture and purpose for your life.

Valisha McFarlane