living happily3 Easy Ways to Living Happily on Your Own Terms

By Eryka T. Johnson

Living life on your own terms is not just a saying. It’s actually something within your reach. When it comes to living happily it merely requires you to do those things you are passionate about that get you excited when you merely speak about them and give you a great sense of purpose. These things free your true authentic self without you have to pretend or please others. In today’s article, we will discuss 3 easy ways to living happily on your own terms.

Have you ever felt that you’ve lived your life in a cycle? As a kid, you wanted to please your mom so you did everything she said to stay within her good graces. As a teenager, you wanted to please your friends so you would be considered as a cool kid. As a college student, you wanted to please your professors so you could make good grades and graduate with a degree. And, as a wife, you want to please your spouse so that it keeps peace at home and you could live happier.

Don’t you think it’s finally time to get off that wagon?

There’s no better time than now to start living happily and stop living for everyone else. You love your family, friends, co-workers, and church buddies but at the end of the day, will it really matter that you spent your entire life pleasing others and never enjoying life the way you would have liked it?  

Well, let me share 3 ways to living happily on your own terms…

Focus on 1 thing that makes you happy

What makes you happy? Just think about that for a second. For instance, if you love to cook & find pleasure in it, find a local cooking class and spend time there not only learning new dishes but letting off some steam. For the time you’re there, enjoy the moment and resist the urge to think about the chaos going on at home or at work. Whatever your passion is in life, start there!

Dedicate one day out of the week as “me” time

Designate one day out of the week as your special day – “me” time. On this day, you are the focus. Refuse requests from anyone trying to invade your “me” time. Spend the day doing whatever you desire. A few things I absolutely love doing is lounging around with a good book, getting pampered at the hair and nail salon, or watching chick flicks in my PJs. But, whatever feels like “me” time for you, do just that.

Embrace your uniqueness

Everyone has something about them that makes them unique and different from other people. Instead of hiding your uniqueness, let it out. You were not created to blend in with the crowd but to be your own person. I love animal print so I decorated my office with red and a bold black and white zebra print. My husband doesn’t particularly like the pattern but this is the one place in my home that is off limits to the kids and I truly enjoy the spark of creativity I get when I work in my office. So, whatever makes you unique, share it and stop trying to cover it up for others.

It’s your life so live it how you want. Living happily is the best prescription for anyone who says they want to enjoy life, live better and focus on themselves sometimes.

What ways are you living happily? Please respond.

Eryka T. Johnson