enjoying your life

Enjoying Your Life Even If It Means Losing Some Friends Along the Way

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you ever noticed that the more success that comes into your life or the moment you decide to follow your dreams, your circle of friends gets smaller and smaller? REALLY, there is something about change that freaks people out! This is certainly one of those things that the natural mind struggles to un-ravel. But, there is a reason for this that makes perfect sense. In this article, we will discuss enjoying your life even if it means losing some friends along the way.

Just last year, God begin to deal with me about a call He placed in my life to reach women. Yes, I would enjoy other women as often as I could but there was something else He had in mind for my connection with them. He wanted me to LEAD them instead of just casually socializing.

What’s so crazy is that I’ve had several dreams in my lifetime about this very thing. But, I always thought it would come some years down the road after I did some other things that I really enjoyed and am gifted to do like make an impact in the world of “liturgical dancing”.

Well, God took me for a quick change!

I moved from Louisiana in 2010, got pregnant un-expectedly in 2011, and was homebound for nearly a year. I didn’t do much dancing or anything else during that time really except spend that time with Him. I went from interacting often with friends to rarely hearing from any of them. It was hurtful particularly for those I connected with often. But, I was experiencing a shift in my life that I could not explain.

God begin telling me to just BE! Literally, I was being told to “live” and “take my place”. I was being called into what He had been preparing me for years…to BE a spokesman to woman who need help navigating through the realities of life from both a practical & spiritual perspective.

The BIGGEST change that took me by surprise was not only did my circle of friends get smaller but it literally changed to a totally different group of people.

Listen to me closely here…God has specific people that He will raise up at appointed times to assist you in your journey!

Don’t get concerned about who is not there or who started with you and had to move on. Love each person that God sends your way for the season they are in your life but don’t you dare get upset when God moves them on. Both you and your friend or “ex-friend” have assignments that you must complete that will require you to interact closely with different people.

Offence is not the concern here. Be thankful for the people that have touched your life in a very special way. They did their job now God has someone else for them to touch.

I write this respectfully because I have lost some friends along the way but there is still much room in my heart to love others that will come my way.

God is calling you today to just BE! Forget about who is there and who isn’t.

Enjoy your day,


enjoying your life