Finding what you are good at

Finding What You are Good at in the Middle of Bad Choices

By Eryka T. Johnson

Life is full of choices.  Every day there are hundreds of decisions to make – what color top to wear, should I pull my hair back or up, what am I going to eat for lunch? The list is endless.  With so many decisions to make, you are bound to make a few bad ones.  Factor in trying to end self-sabotage and silence the chatter of negative self-talk, you have a dilemma on your hands.  In today’s article we are dealing with finding what you are good at in the middle of bad choices.

I received the following questions from KB out of Louisiana…  

When you’ve trained yourself to sabotage for so long it’s hard to find what your secret sauce is. Seems like the thing you do best is sabotage, fade in the background, and take notice to the inner chatter because these are the best friends that you have.

  1. How do you know what you’re good at?
  2. How do you deal with the chatter & sabotage methods that have become your defense and survival mechanisms when finding your secret sauce?

First of all KB, thank you for your courage in being transparent and asking these questions.  Let’s deal with knowing what you are good at first.

We all are born with things that we are good at regardless if we put these things to good use or not.  However, knowing yourself and these things are what truly sets you apart from everyone else. So, I encourage you to get comfortable with this statement…You are born with special giftings, talents, and abilities yet you must tap into them to clearly see how awesome you are and were created to be. 

In order to find out what you are good at, consider asking yourself the following questions…

  • What do I do that makes me feel good?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • What could I do without much effort? 
  • What do others always ask me to do for them?

The answers to these questions could be talents that come naturally, it could be skills that you’ve learned over a period of time, or even passions that you have covered up over the years. Either way, these answers will give insight to your secret sauce.

Now, let’s address your other question. How to deal with sabotage & inner chatter?

Sabotage and negative self-talk are products of a mindset that opposes success. Somehow you have trained your mind to focus on toxic things rather than things that bring prosperity.

Your mind will inevitably determine your actions and how you move forward in life. So, I suggest taking the following steps to re-program your mind…

  1. Find scripture that relates to where you want to be.
  2. Meditate on this scripture until it becomes a part of your spirit.
  3. Get a revelation of that Word as it relates to your life.  Take it as your own.
  4. Manifest that Word through acts of faith.

Let me give you a practical example. 

Candy suffers with self-sabotage because she feels that she does not have any value.

  1. Candy finds scriptures in the Word (the Bible) that affirm her value in God.
  2. Candy spends time studying and praying these scriptures during her quiet time.  She even records these scriptures on a CD and listens to them throughout the day and while she sleeps.
  3. Candy begins to see herself in these scriptures as she meditates on them.  In fact, the scripture becomes alive to her. 
  4. Candy is presented with an opportunity to be freed from self-sabotage. God gives her instructions to do something that she has never done before. Candy follows through with the instructions.
  5. Candy is no longer sabotaging her relationships or open doors of opportunity.

This should help you understand what you are good at as well as give you a strategy to overcome self-sabotage and inner chatter.  Put these things to work and let me know your results by stopping by my FB page,

Eryka T. Johnson