finding your wayFinding Your Way & Making You A Priority

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you noticed that you used to know exactly what you wanted and what would make you happy but now… sometimes you aren’t so sure? When someone asks about your dreams, hopes and desires… you find yourself speaking only about your family and rarely about you.

“I just want to be happy” is often what I hear. But, when I ask – what does happiness look like for you? I’m met with a long, drawn out pause.

As women, we can become so busy taking care of everyone else, making sure all their needs are met that we neglect to take care of ourselves. We put our desires on the backburner for so long; time passes us by and we end up losing our way.

Well….it’s time for you to bring the focus back on you!

I’m not saying neglect your families in any way but you’ve got to be a priority in your life too. When you’re happy and fulfilled, everyone around you has a better chance of being happy and fulfilled. So… if you’ve noticed that you’re not as far ahead in your life as you thought you’d be by now, you’ll want to check out my live event, The Live Your Best Life Gathering.

At this event, you will gain clarity around the vision you have for your life so you’ll be able to quickly answer the question “what does happiness mean to you”. At this event, you’ll even develop a plan to make it happen. For starters, you’ll get clear on exactly what you want for your life (personal, family, career, money, spiritual), then you’ll determine what works for you when it comes to overcoming the challenges that will attempt to derail you and finally, you will get complete understanding on what it means and the steps you’ll need to take to create and Live Your Best Life! Not only is it going to be enriching and rewarding but it’s going to be a fun filled experience too. I really look forward to meeting you in person.

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Eryka T. Johnson