focusFocus, The Right Words & Your Prosperity

By Eryka T. Johnson

Did you know that where your focus lies, your life and everything in it will be there as well? Those things we give attention to in our lives and the words we speak daily will either lead us to a place of prosperity or lack. In today’s article, we will discuss focus, the words you speak, and the prosperity they produce in your life.

This past weekend, I received an email from a dear friend in our community sharing the transformation happening in her life. After making a decision to shift her focus on personal change, she was able to find the right resources and change the words she speaks. As a result, her life has made a complete turnaround. Not only is she excited about her life again, but she’s finally experiencing the success and prosperity she often dreamed about.

You know…prosperity is one of those words that have often been mistaken to only mean an increase in finances. Not so! Prosperity is an increase in everything you need in your life from peace, wholeness, good health, wisdom, etc.

The way we make our life prosperous is through our focus.

If you are wondering where you should be placing your focus on a daily basis so you can experience abundance in every area of your life, consider these three areas:

The Important Things

Those things you want to be magnified in your life should grab most of your attention. On the other hand, those people and things that do not ADD to your life should be given very little attention. The more you give your time, energy, and space to them, you are exposing your environment to toxic situations. Once your environment becomes toxic, it’s more difficult to overcome it.

Where You Are Going

Pay more attention to where you want to be in life. The past is what it is. Never live your life constantly looking in the rear view mirror wondering what could have been. You gain so much more momentum facing forward because you can see what’s ahead and the proper adjustments.

What Is True, Good, Honest…

The Bible helps us out by telling us what to pay attention to on a daily basis in Philippians 4:8. I can imagine that the writer had his fair share of experiences in life and found that you overcome quicker when your attention is on things that are true, good, and honest.  

Remember, focus your thoughts, words, and actions in the direction that leads to success and prosperity. Refuse to waste your good energy and time on those things you don’t desire in your life.

What area of your life do you need to change your focus? I would love to hear.


With LOVE,