A Treasure of Radiant Light

A Treasure of Radiant Light – How to Get Free from Depression

By Eryka T. Johnson

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. (Isa 60:1-2)

This passage of scripture is a command to rise up and get free from depression. Likewise, it is encouragement for those of us that may have experienced or that are experiencing suffering in this life. I am convinced that the degree of suffering is directly proportional to the level of radiance that follows – Romans 8:18.

It is during these tough times that we truly draw close to the Father. In return, He peels back the “layers” that have clothed us, harden our hearts, given us a false reality, and hidden the treasure of light within us. The truth is that the innermost parts of us were created in His likeness. If He is the Light, should we not reflect this Light?

The “layers” spoken of could be a number of the following…

• Doubts about who we really are

• Thoughts of not being good enough or being inadequate

• Harsh words spoken over our lives that have never been forgiven

• Loss of someone special that we refuse to release

• Years of mental, physical, or church abuse

• And the list goes on…

I can recall a trying season in my life where the “layers” had to be identified and likewise confronted. Although the process was a difficult one, it yielded amazing results. It turns out that it was all in the plan to thrust me toward my destiny and what I was created to do. So, if you may be experiencing some severe suffering or uneasiness, consider doing the following:

1. Find your place of worship (Job 1:20) – This works best when you are transparent and honest with the Father. Make daily appointments to meet with Him and express your true feelings, doubts, and anxieties. However, expect Him to speak clear instructions to you which will require complete obedience on your part. Forget about what has not worked in the past and allow Him to work it out through your obedience. Obedience is a form of worship.

2. Make yourself glad (Psalm 31:7) – Free yourself from any negativity that seeks to add injury to your current situation. What you need right now is LIFE and a breeding ground for the manifestation of LIVING WORDS. Negativity is not your friend. Instruct those friends that consistently bring “doom and gloom” to move on because you are expecting to come out of this situation living, breathing, and anointed with His glow. Also, enjoy a fun night with your family and try to release any thoughts of defeat.

3. Stay connected to the Divine (John 15:5) – Don’t give up on God because He is indeed your source. He promises so much if you just hold on. Remember, you are in process and it is never easy. You may seem alone or even frightened. Do not abort or abandon the process until you have been made over. Continue to pray, read your Word, and praise every chance you get. You may find it helpful to read spiritual books of encouragement as well.

4. Share your struggles with someone (1 Timothy 2:1) – Sometimes we just need an available ear to listen and pray strength during these moments. Select someone that you can trust, who is strong enough to intercede for you, and who has vision to see you completing this process.

Let your life tell the story and be a witness to that woman wondering how you made it. It will be evident that there is a Treasure of Radiant Light that lives within you and shines all around you. It is JESUS!

Eryka T. Johnson