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How Practice Can Build Confidence & Change Your Attitude

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you ever heard of the saying “practice makes perfect”? I’m sure you have. But today, I would like to create my own spin on this saying…“practice builds confidence”. You probably never thought about it in this way. But, after reading this article I dare you to build confidence by practicing over & over again.

My daughter Elena is learning addition. This is a huge step for her considering she wants so badly to be doing division and fractions like her older brother Petey. I guess she’s ambitious like her mom and dad. But to get back to the point, her teacher has made this learning process fun. She calls them Animal Facts and associates each number in the addition series to an animal.

Currently, Elena is on the snake which is the 4’s. As she practices her Animal Facts every day for about 2 minutes, she flies through her test on Friday. Not only that, she typically beats the 2.5 minute time limit as well. However, when she misses a day or two of practicing, her confidence in her ability to complete the test in the required time and complete it correctly goes down quickly.  

Wow…even young children at the age of 7 battles with having confidence to achieve their goals!

So, let me narrow down on the true essence of confidence. Confidence is simply belief that you can and you will. And, the thought that nothing will stop you does not affect you. If you don’t feel that way about reaching your goal or doing anything else in your life, follow this simple plan to build up your confidence…

  • Single out one (1) goal you have. This will be helpful because it will cause you to focus all your energy in one area.
  • Identify the necessary action(s) to achieve the goal. What are the things you need to do to reach your goal?
  • Repeat the same action(s) consistently over a period of time. Practice, practice, and practice. Be consistent in your daily activity.
  • Get results. The benefits will be plentiful.
  • Notice the change in your confidence and attitude. Your confidence goes through the roof & your attitude adjusts in the right direction.

This is the plan I follow daily to build confidence in any area. One of those areas is in online business. And, marketing has been a huge challenge for me. But, I’m becoming more and more confident in marketing as I consistently serve women & create content that is helpful. The repetition helps to build confidence and my outlook on where I’m going in business has changed dramatically from 1 year ago. My attitude is one of hopefulness now.

What area would you like to build confidence in for the next month? Jump over to Facebook and share it with me. Then, get to work with the simple plan above.

Eryka T. Johnson