How She Overcame Self-Doubt & Added An Extra $2K A Month

By Eryka T. Johnson

I love celebrating other women especially those I’ve personally worked with and have vested interest in seeing them succeed.

So, let me share this awesome success story with you.

self doubt

I want you to meet Sheila Johnson. She’s a lead lab assistant and trainer for a Louisiana hospital. For the past 20 years, she’s provided HOPE and care for cancer patients. In the past 10 years, Sheila has trained university and vocational students in the area of phlebotomy. Students cannot graduate from their programs or become certified phlebotomist without her endorsement. This is a woman of influence.

To date, she’s been offered two promotions to join the management team but declined because she would not be a hands-on cancer patient advocate and would miss the opportunity she daily gets to hug and love on them during a difficult time.

Although satisfied with her current position, Sheila wanted to use her leadership skills to impact others outside the hospital as a certified instructor of phlebotomy. But, she doubted herself.

I did not pursue my full potential. I knew I had a gift and the knowledge but doubted I could actually do it,” said Sheila.

Sheila made a different decision late last year and immediately began working on her mindset.

After reading Own Your Life (check out the entire section devoted to mindset mastery), meditating on Facebook posts like the one below, and following my training on goal setting, Sheila was motivated to be a better version of herself and TAKE ACTION. She searched online for instructor certifications in phlebotomy and how to open her own training business.

self doubt

And guess what? An opportunity was attracted to her.

Shortly afterwards, Sheila was contacted about starting Geaux Phlebotomy with another influential woman and leaped at the opportunity.

Since opening in January 2017, Sheila has added an additional $2K a month to her income and now has plans to go nationwide with this training and certification program.

And Sheila has the following message for any woman fighting herself and sabotaging new opportunities:

“Relax. Think about what you are already doing and use that. Overcome the negative thoughts with what you already know. Personally, I had to overpower the negativity and counteract the mindset to stay where I was. I had to re-think everything.”

Sheila has been a client of mine since 2011 as she participated in our private women’s leadership retreat.  I’m proud of how she’s been able to silence her inner gremlins to step out and pursue a major goal.

Change was possible for Sheila and it’s possible for you too.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to go after a major dream and realize it OR even increase your annual income by $24K by using what you already know?

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No this may not be the magic cure BUT if you do the work, it will WORK.

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