rutHow To Get Out Of A Rut In 15 Minutes

By Eryka T. Johnson

What areas of your life are you in a rut?

  • Your marriage
  • Your finances
  • Your self-esteem and confidence
  • Your career or dead-end job
  • Your health
  • Your image
  • Your relationships with family or even kids

Life does NOT protect any of us from experiencing issues. In fact, when I read through this list, I have been stuck (at some point in my life) in each area.

One thing that is foundational in my life however is that in order to change anything in your life, you must first commit and then bring attention to what you really want.

So, what do you REALLY want?

The weight of issues is quite heavy. Every emotion that could be experienced you may have been there or there at this exact moment. Everything from depression, disgust, feeling suffocated, un-worthy, mad as hell, feeling useless, and even un-forgiving.  

Let me help you!

When I found out I was pregnant with Caleb, I actually was unhappy, sad, and ultimately depressed. This pregnancy was NOT in the plan. In fact, we had taken all the before precautions to NOT have any more children.

Then, one day, I got a 15-minute call from my spiritual mentor and ministry coach. Her perspective on things immediately changed how I saw the situation. It went from being the most depressive point in my life to being a miraculous encounter with God. Did you hear the full story about Caleb? Anyway, everything literally shifted during this one conversation!

15-Minute!?!? Yep, this was all it took.

Since then, I’ve been testing the same method with women coming to me for personal change and the results are overwhelming.

Could you spare 15-minutes to get out of your rut and get your joy back? If so, grab your spot now.

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson