strengthsHow To Identify Your Personal Strengths & What They Say About You

By Eryka T. Johnson

Has anyone asked you lately, “What are your personal strengths?” You know those things you do so well you could possibly do it without much thought or effort. One fact holds true…every woman has at least one strength she uses in everyday life which comes naturally. If you have yet to identify your strengths, you should continue reading. This article exposes what your strengths say about you and why you need to know what they are NOW!

With over 15,000 women connecting with me daily in our community, I often ask questions that are thought provoking. No, not for repetition sake or to have something to post, but I ask questions to cause women to become more aware of themselves and to spark creativity.

Self-awareness is the GREATEST gift any woman can give to herself besides forgiveness. If you show me a woman who is in touch with herself, I’m sure she’s confident, more fulfilled in life, and happy. Understanding and knowing your strengths is ALL about self-awareness. 

Here’s a few easy ways to identify your personal strengths

  • List those things you could do with your eyes close or even in your sleep. These things come easy to you but don’t down play them. Just because it’s simple for you does not mean it’s the same for someone else.


  • List those things you are good at that others often request your help. Not only request your help, others may even ask you to do it for them. This reveals a strength that is evident to others you are around.


  • List those things you do that give you the best results every time and bring so much joy. These are the very things that could change your life and even provide extra income.

When you are aware of your strengths, it shows that you not ONLY care about YOU as a person, but you have a love for others. Strengths are to be shared and used to create change in this world. You may just be the best-kept secret if you are choosing not to share your strengths.

You can make a difference in this world…identify your strengths then share them.

What is one personal strength you are proud to share with others on a daily basis?

Eryka T. Johnson