How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team as a Leader

By Eryka T. Johnson

There’s nothing worse than having a team of people looking to you for guidance when you’ve lost your motivation as a leader. Not only do you not feel like a leader but you are trying your best to just make it from a personal standpoint.

Face it…leaders are expected to keep a good attitude, build confidence & be available to inspire others at the snap of a finger even if your day is not so good. Wouldn’t it be nice to motivate and inspire even when there are tight deadlines & everyone offloads their problems on you?

Do you have what it takes?

Well, in today’s video, we will discuss what it takes to stay motivated as a leader in order to motivate your team. Remember, your team can be your family too.

Here’s the question directly from Diana in our Facebook community...As a leader, how do you keep yourself motivated for you personally and your team?

Let me know your thoughts!