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How To Resurrect Your Dreams & Make Yourself Happy Again

Eryka T. Johnson

Do you need to resurrect your dreams? In everyday life, it is easy to get consumed with taking care of everything and everybody as a super woman and placing your dreams on the back burner. Instantly, you neglect your deepest desires because you have run out of time. If only there were only 36 hours in a day, would your life be different? In this article, we will discuss how to resurrect your dreams and make yourself happy again in the process.

When the word “resurrect” is used, it often implies giving life to something that was once dead. Have you ever had a vision in your heart that you desperately wanted to become reality, but every time you mustered up the strength to finally do it…you were left feeling defeated?  You put your dream on the shelf vowing that you would one day come back to it but that one day never came. The reality is the moment you decided not to pursue your dream, it died. Maybe not in the physical sense but you caused a dis-connect to take place that would take the power of a resurrection for it to live again.

What dream did you have – getting a college degree, being in a Broadway musical, losing 50 pounds and getting healthy, going into full-time ministry, starting your own business? It does not matter the dream, what is important is for you to decide that this dream is what you want and still desire. If it is, then I would like to suggest a path to take in order to resurrect your dreams and make yourself happy again  in the process. 

#1 – Decide that what you want is important and choose yourself.  

Make up your mind that you will accomplish your goal and settle it once and for all. Often, you can get stuck trying to decide if you will move forward. The way around this is to write down your purpose for making that dream a reality. By doing this, you are choosing yourself.

#2 – Be comfortable with telling others “no.”

You have spent what seems like an eternity catering to everyone else. Now, as your time approaches, you will have to get some strength to stand firm in your conviction to seeing your life better. When you are asked to do something that will take away a considerable amount of your time, simply let the other person know that your priorities have changed and you are unable to help out in that capacity.

#3 – Take a step.

You have to take a step. This step does not have to be large. Rather, take small steps and look back in about 6 months and see that you made considerable progress. If your dream is to obtain a college degree, take a small step by visiting your local college to find out about the admissions process. Also, you may want to set a date on when you would like to begin classes. This will make things a little more real to you.

#4 – Don’t look back.

Once you commit and you begin taking baby steps, don’t for a second think about stopping or turning back around. It will take more momentum to do that than it would be to continue moving forward. The only way you will make this dream a reality is by doing the work. You must show up and do the work.

This is a simple plan you can use to resurrect your dreams and ensure your happiness. The truth is you may never be happy if you continue to live for everyone else and neglect pursuing your dreams. However, the moment you decide to choose “ME”, joy will flood your heart.

What dream will you commit to resurrect in your life this year? I would love to hear all about it. Jump over and share in our Facebook community.

Eryka T. Johnson