How to Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else

By Eryka T. Johnson

To set yourself apart from everyone else around is probably the greatest achievement you could accomplish.  In a world where there are so many copycats, phonies, and counterfeits, you should be taking every opportunity to set yourself apart & be different. Come from among the crowd and be recognized for the person that you truly are & represent the things that you believe. In this video, we will discuss the one thing that sets you apart.

You may be surprised!

No, it is not the color of your hair, the hairstyle you wear, or even the clothes that are so flattering on your body. Rather, what comes from your heart and motivates your action is what matters most. Who would have thought that to be unique, different, and stand out you only need to pay attention to what is in you and a part of your inward personality.  

You can set the standard and raise the bar by taking action and refusing to give up. If this describes you, view this video.

Eryka T. Johnson