[The Man] asked him, What is your name? And [in shock of realization, whispering] he said, Jacob [supplanter, schemer, trickster, swindler]! And He said, Your name shall be called no more Jacob [supplanter], but Israel [contender with God]; for you have contended and have power with God and with men and have prevailed. –Genesis 32:27-28 AMP


Humility Precedes Honor

By Eryka T. Johnson

In Genesis 32, Jacob wrestled with the angel because he understood that there was no way to successfully reconcile with his brother Esau without the blessing and favor of God. Even with all the wrestling Jacob did, he did not prevail until he submitted to humility. He had to get real about himself and evaluate all that he had become – a schemer, trickster, and swindler. Once Jacob came to this realization and loss the pride, his name and identity changed allowing him to receive both favor with God and with man.

It comes a point in our lives that we must get real about who we have become. At times, we pretend to be well put together and without fault, yet there is a desperate need for us to have a permanent change before an Almighty God. Releasing of the self-righteous attitude begins the process of change – we must realize that we have issues. Although it feels awful, identification of these issues will lead us into living a more victorious life.

Just as God blessed Jacob, He too will bless you. You will receive that crown of honor and favor both with the Father and those around you. It is an incredible thing to experience life walking in this type of endowment. Remember, humility comes before honor (Proverbs 15:33). It is a requirement to go to the next level with His blessings.

Eryka T. Johnson