Identity Affirmation – I AM A CONQUEROR

By Eryka T. Johnson

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivered him out of them allPsalm 34:19

A conqueror is an individual that has the ability to stand and fight in the midst of adversity and comes out victorious. This individual is not afraid of the outcome because all his or her hope is in God. Anxiety may be there but ultimately there is a knowing that all of Heaven is backing you.

I have a friend who recently lost her husband unexpectedly. Her display of bravery and courage has been truly amazing. It has witnessed and encouraged many. Not to say there have not been hard moments, she has made a choice to walk into her victory because her focus is to continue to live, be there for her children, and fulfill every God-given assignment. Who could ask for a better model of conqueror?

You may say…‘I’m not that strong and never will be’. But, let me share this with you. A few years ago, I endured a very traumatic experience in my life. God had revealed prior that I would come out of it victorious. Of course, I visualized the entire thing in my mind with little or no effort on my part. Needless to say, I went through and came out victorious but I was angry with God. It had not played out the way I envisioned. I was so angry that I stopped communicating with God for months. My stubbornness was in control. Although I knew that I needed to repent, I chose not to until at least a month later.

God has told us that there will be times of testing and suffering but be assured that He has overcome it all (John 16:33). We just need to make a choice to show up, stand firmly, and walk through it. The first story shares how we are to be successful conquerors. The second story shares the reality of what so many endure. You receive the victory yet you allow the hurt to consume you and chose not to claim the victory until you move beyond yourself.

Rest in the fact that God is able and He has given you the ability to overcome. Repeat after me, ’I AM A CONQUEROR’.

Eryka T. Johnson