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Life Calls Banner.jpg 281x300 ServicesIf you are ready to free yourself from limitations by confronting them and diminishing their power over your life, enroll in the Life Calls Coaching Group today.

With this Spirit-led empowerment program, you will go from simply recognizing your life’s call to actually moving forward into your destiny with tremendous power. As part of this small, intimate group of like-minded women, not only will you gain renewed motivation and passion to accomplish your greatest goals but you’ll receive breakthroughafter breakthrough, where upon completion, you’ll look back and be thrilled with the progress you’ve made.

By combining your discipline and commitment with the Life Calls Signature System as well as the strategic support you’ll receive in the group; your life will be transformed and you will begin advancing quickly along the path of your prophetic destiny.

Life Calls Coaching is your launching pad!

New Series: Finding your Purpose and Using your Gifts Effectively

Finding Your Purpose $97.00 deposit now


2 Additional payments of $97.00

Group Coaching with Eryka T. Johnson for the woman who needs to make a difference with her life and build the best plan to share her gifts.  

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  • 8 – Video trainings delivered on Tuesdays
  • 1 Hr LIVE Group Calls With the entire group – Total of 2
  • Interaction via our Private Facebook Group – 8 weeks
  • BONUS: Kickstart to Change Toolkit ($ 147.00 VALUE)

Receive a video from Eryka discussing a topic in the series to finding your purpose. We’ll share the video every Tuesday by 6:00 pm ET and chat through our PRIVATE Facebook Group about the topic. 

The LIVE Calls will be on the last Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm ET. All calls are recorded in the event that you are not able to attend and for future learning. 

Enjoy a one hour LIVE call with Eryka along with all of the “Life Calls” Group Members, where we can interact and work together to get questions answered and get unstuck to ensure you get the best experience out of this program.

Let Eryka T. Johnson, online personal empowerment mentor teach you “The Secrets to Finding Your Purpose & Using Your Gifts Effectively” in this group program: 

  • How to get the mindset required to SEE YOUR DESTINY & who you were created to be.
  • Why you were made to produce at a higher level using your natural abilities & gifts!
  • What is the difference between purpose, destiny, gifts & skills?  And, why it really matters?
  • What purpose really looks like & why it is not good enough to just know it! 
  • Whose eyes to look through to affirm your IDENTITY & WORTH?
  • Stop dismissing how you are wired & let your inner child speak.
  • What your dreams & visions really say about you. And, why you can trust them.
  • Can the mess you endured in your life really help you to SOLVE TODAY’S PROBLEMS?
  • Finding a common ground & platform for you to share your purpose.
  • Why your purpose is NOT ONLY FOR YOU. Understand who else it is for & why you can’t sit down any longer.
  • Your purpose, your plan, & how to measure your progress.
  • Why it is important to include your FAMILY in your efforts rather than putting your purpose in a box.
  • Why purpose can be MANY but destiny is only ONE!

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