And you shall take this rod in your hand with which you shall work the signs [that prove I sent you].

(Exodus 4:17 AMP)


Matteh – The Rod of God

By Eryka T. Johnson

Matteh is the Hebrew word for rod. Moses and the Israelites were well acquainted with the use of the matteh during their deliverance from Egyptian captivity. Its use provided the protection of God and miraculous things often occurred while using it by the instruction and under the direction of God.

The rod was evidence that God was with the nation of Israel. In Exodus chapters 7 -10 and 14, we see various miracles – the rod turning into a serpent, water turning into blood, frogs coming out of the water, dust of the land becoming lice, the appearance of hail, the blowing in of locusts by the east wind, and the division of the Red Sea with the formation of dry land upon which to walk. Each time Moses and Aaron used the rod following the instructions of God, they were justified and gained complete assurance that the Lord was on their side.

Are you in a place of captivity? Are you concerned that you are so bound that you will never return? Is the one holding you captive violently strong and will not release you without a fight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can be assured that God is your protection (rod) and divine providence (intervention) is working in your situation and on your behalf. In the midst pharaoh’s hold on your life, you can experience deliverance. Begin to profess your trust in Him, exercise your faith by speaking, believing, and living the Word, and follow His every instruction. Remember, the Lord will fight for you, only hold your peace (Exodus 14:14). Because His rod will comfort you (Psalm 23:4). God’s matteh is in your corner!

Eryka T. Johnson