Baggage, Baggage, Baggage!


Packing for the Journey

By Eryka T. Johnson

Read this dance minister’s testimony…

Upon arriving at the airport with my luggage,

I proceeded to the check-in counter.

When realizing that my bag was about 2 – 3 pounds overweight,

I quickly began looking for items to get rid of so

that I would not succumb to the penalty of $75.

Ok, let’s try it again. I was still slightly over by 1 pound.

I would be staying at the dance conference for at

least 4 – 5 days surely I couldn’t possibly get rid of

anything else. I had no choice, it must be done.

One pound of clothing or $75 from my trip budget. It

was settled, I escaped the airport demon of $75 and

safely rested in my aisle seat preparing for take-off.


Much like the dance minister, we are faced with a dilemna of giving up some luggage or suffering a penalty. This can be viewed two ways – literally or spiritually.


When traveling always consider packing light. Because I travel more than ever now, I have mastered the art of using a smaller bag and military-style folding. Often times, I escape the airport demon of $75 because I rarely check bags. Yes, when I get to my destination I may have to remove a few wrinkles but I find comfort in the fact that I no longer have to face pulling around a ton or wondering if my luggage is being handled roughly by the service crew. Next time you travel, consider packing in a small carry-on bag and using creative military folding.



We can carry so much extra baggage around that the penalty leads to our supernatural demise. Offense consumes our every thought – when we arise in the morning and when we lie down to rest. “I can’t believe she lied on me” or “They talked about me and thought that I would never find out” or “My spouse said he loved me but why did he leave”. The list of offense can get pretty extensive quickly. The good news is that we don’t have to carry around the baggage. Freedom is indeed available. Consider writing down a list of all the offenses you received and committed. One-by-one audibly release the offense and forgive the individuals that hurt you as well as forgive yourself.

Jesus gave us an awesome model in Luke 17:3-4 to follow concerning getting rid of offense – forgiveness. Baggage does not have to steal away our joy or ruin our lives. It is time to pack LIGHT for this faith journey!

Eryka T. Johnson