Pride Stinks & How to Know If You Are Wearing A Heavy Dose Of It!

By Eryka T. Johnson

How do you know when pride is lurking around in your life? It stinks. Well, let me re-phrase that for you…it causes your attitude to stink.  Trust me, I know all about this. In fact, I have a confession to make…I’m struggling with pride.  In this article, I will share how to know if you are wearing a heavy dose of pride.

God is always speaking and stretching us when it comes to being and living our best.

I had my first one-on-one call with my business coaches, Sandi and PJ.  I must admit I did not know what to expect as I’ve only had personal sessions up until this time with them individually. So imagine the anxiety level of not knowing exactly how this call would play out? Well, we spent the entire 30 minutes talking about my products & services and marketing.

Marketing was one of the main purposes I formed a business coaching relationship this year because I lack a serious ability to be effective at marketing and connecting with the right message. As our call progressed, I started getting questions that would require some serious & honest truth-telling. We were specifically dealing with my area of weakness and PJ just said it…”It sounds like you are laboring to give answers here.”

Yes, I was! Not only did discouragement change my presence and tone over the phone but truthfully pride was exposed.

I spend so much time trying to be right, do the right things, and say the right things. However, during times of criticism or feedback, I instantly go into pride and protect mode. How dare you say those things about me? Do you not know who I am & what I’ve been through?

The truth is I would rather have someone say good job than you made an absolute mess of things and we will have to start over again.

It’s getting real personal now. Let me share with you what I wrote in my personal journal after our coaching session…

I have a problem with correction. I believe this fear sets in because I want to always be right and would prefer for other people to praise me rather than fix me.

I’m not sure where this issue comes from. I would rather be praised than disciplined.  This is pride at its best. Also, entitlement because of who I believe I am.

I did not recognize it was still so deeply rooted until my call with PJ & Sandi.

When you have been wounded in the past with words, you tend to be very cautious of words in everyday talk. If I took offense, this reveals yet another issue that must be dealt with quickly.

Work on the following:

1.    Learn to answer the question only…don’t feel the need to justify.

2.    Learn to take criticism/feedback for what it is.

Wow! I just allowed you to truly go behind the scenes with me and take a look at my personal thoughts, as well as, issues I need to get rid of to be a better person, wife, mother, businesswoman, and friend.

I knew this year would be like no other year. I’m growing and getting free at the same time. A mentoring relationship will do this for you. PJ & Sandi told me the truth and then turned around and gave me a glimpse of hope. I believe this will be an incredible year.

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Eryka T. Johnson