Find Your Purpose

The Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Purpose

By Eryka T. Johnson


Just as it is with buried treasure, purpose must be discovered.

It is an inward scavenger hunt that requires you to perform some deep well drilling to become acquainted with your original design. The search for purpose becomes a search for ‘self’ and the importance of life. In fact, Robert Bryne says, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

There is a process to find your purpose. Although there are several methods to use, I will focus on one. This method is called ‘Ask God about your Purpose.’ Simple right?

Ask God about your purpose

If He created you and knows all about you, this should be your very first stop in the search. Simply ask questions like…

Why do I exist?

What did you place me here on Earth to do?

Who did you create me to touch?

How do you see me?

Once you ask these questions, please expect Him to deliver answers. He may deliver all your answers in one day or over a series of weeks. Nevertheless, keep a journal or digital recorder handy so you don’t miss what He has to say.

He will communicate with you through thoughts, impressions, pictures, dreams, visions, words, other people, etc. Do not take the various communication tools for granted. He will speak but you must listen and be open to receiving His answer through whatever means He provides.

Finding purpose does not have to be a task that you dread doing. Simply ask God and wait for his response.

Eryka T. Johnson