real you

The ‘Real You’ in the Mirror

By Eryka T. Johnson

Who is the ‘real you’ you see when taking a look in the mirror? Are you reflecting the qualities of the one who created you or are you casting a dark shadow over the light within you?

The ‘real you’ can often get lost while living in this life. If you are not careful, dark influences can overshadow the light through everyday conveniences such as television, radio, internet, Facebook, iPods, cell phones, etc. This present age is charged with technology with instant access to you both visually and audibly that can influence your life either positively or negatively.

Life is about choices. You can choose to accept or reject the things that can affect the ‘real you’ negatively. The ‘real you’ is constantly being tried, however you can pass your test and remain reflecting His light.

Take this simple test to determine if you need to re-consider those influences in your life and re-prioritize things.

    • Do you prefer reading and answering emails rather than spending quiet time alone with Him?
    • Do you prefer posting a Facebook status update while in worship service rather than listening to the message by the minister?
    • Do you prefer playing games on your cell phone rather than engaging another in conversation when you discern that they are suffering from some form of hurt?

It’s time to take control of your life again and not allow outside influences to take away from the ‘real you’ in the mirror. You still have a job to do as a carrier of HIS light.

Eryka T. Johnson