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Spend 3 Days Away from the Daily Grind & Let Your Hair Down!

Valued Woman,

Do you need a BREAK? Could you use some time to just escape the busyness of EVERYDAY LIFE and focus on yourself for a change?

FACE it…you work hard day after day. Not only taking care of all the important people in your life, but going the extra mile to please them – all at the expense of never having time for yourself.

Of course, you escape to your room for 5 minutes of peace & quiet each day but shortly afterwards someone bangs on the door or better yet invades your personal space. And, there goes your mini-getaway.

I get it!

You love your family and friends and want the best for them. This is the reason you answer every single phone call, get out of your bed at night to check on them, and even support their dreams. You are simply a kind, giving, caring, & supportive person.

But, there comes a day in every GIRL’S life when she needs a TIME OUT!

  • Time away from the daily grind.
  • Time to cater only to her needs without the interruptions of others.
  • Time to think.
  • Time to relax and put her feet up.
  • Time to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals without having to prepare them herself.
  • Time to sleep in without worrying about getting those errands done before noon.

Are you ready to let your hair down?


A Girl’s Time Out & Getaway

 Three Reasons YOU Need To Be
In Texas, October 4 – 6, 2013

1 – You work hard and DESERVE a break

2 – You want to be a BETTER mom, wife, & friend

3 – You long to CONNECT with other women who can relate

time outImagine for a moment being FREE. Enjoying a change of scenery and making new friendships with other women who understand where you are, don’t judge, & share in the same experiences as you.

Remembering when I started my family, I had only been married a couple months and was still fairly new at my job. The pressure to make everything work was heavy. Each day started off in tiredness and ended in exhaustion. There was no peace because my main focus was on being everything to everybody and neglecting my #1 asset – ME. Talk about an unbearable situation!

After living this way for several years, the pressure became too much and I found myself slipping into a depressed state. Where had my joy gone? Life as I knew it was crumbling. And what was even worse was the guilt experienced if I took time for myself or even spent money on myself.

No one should have to suffer this way!

It was not until I began to factor in time during the year to take care of ME that I saw a huge change in my life. With each retreat, I came back as a better wife, mom, and friend. It actually prepared me to better serve the people I love. And, there was certainly more joy in my home & life. There was a new appreciation for taking time to replenish, get some balance, and reflect on ways to improve my life.

time outYou have an incredible role to play in this world & in your home.

With a job as serious as being an anchor, supporter, and woman of many hats, you must do whatever it takes to keep yourself sane, energized, and baggage-free. Yes, we all have our share of STRESS which could come from your kids, financial challenges, lack of direction in life, extended family, home life, expectations of others, work, parents, monthly bills, friends who are not loyal, church, inability to let go, and the list goes on.

But, the key to overcoming this STRESS is in YOU. It will do you some good to relax and let go.

How will this retreat help me deal with STRESS I face daily?

If you’ve been dealing with major STRESS in your life lately, come prepared to release it & hear ways to manage it that you can put into action when you return home. During our times together as a group, we will discuss breaking free from the gripping hold of STRESS. So, come with your personal issue – work, family, relationships, finances, marriage – and get answers that will help you move forward with courage & SANITY! Not only that, encourage someone else with your determination to make life work.

Yes, I’ve heard that before. But, I need help with STRESS NOW!

Well, let me share this SECRET with you. Are you ready? A major part of managing STRESS on a daily basis is quiet time with God. Many people neglect the power of this time and are unaware of its benefits when it comes to dealing with life’s unexpected events.

And, what does quiet time with God look like? Well, it’s different for most people. So, I’ll share what personally works for me & how it helps to keep me SANE in my life as a busy mom, wife, engineer, & entrepreneur. Also, expect to hear other ideas that you can adopt in your personal life.

Will I have to spend all my time in group sessions?

Nope! There will be plenty of time for you do exactly what interests you the most. This could include taking a nap, shopping, reading a good book at the private beach, lounging near the pool, getting a massage, playing a game of tennis, or simply having girl talk.

What kind of accommodations are available?time out
This year’s retreat is not like any other we’ve had in the past! Not only did we hear your request for luxury accommodations, but you will also enjoy the uniqueness of a private beach, lake, several restaurants & personal spa services at a first-class lake resort & spa in Texas.

Your suite is decorated with contemporary decor and has all the amenities you would expect at a luxury resort – nice comfy beds, spacious living rooms, plush towels & bathrobes, extra-large bathrooms, & HDTVs. And if you prefer to have the suite all to yourself, this option is available as well.

Listen to what these women got out of the last retreat



I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first retreat.  I was thinking that it would be like going to school but it wasn’t.  It was like being with old friends.  I was already thinking on self-improvement and the women’s retreat was just what I needed.  I’m already looking forward to next year.  Thanks Eryka and Bobby and my fellow attendees. I REALLY needed this! Teri Rodgers

What I liked most about the retreat was the getaway “DOING ME.” I have learned that I need to start putting me first and not other people. I will not forget about my family but I have to move to the success I want to see in my life… Sjolanda Robinson


 Well, do YOU see an all girls’ getaway in your near future?

Who is this retreat for:

  • A woman who needs time for herself
  • A woman who needs peace & quiet away from the chaos and busyness of everyday life
  • A woman who needs a break
  • A woman who needs time to do things she likes on her own terms
  • A woman who needs to be rejuvenated
  • A woman who needs time to clear her head
  • A woman who needs to relax
  • A woman who needs a spiritual awakening
  • A woman who needs practical tips to managing stress

 time out


time out