taming your fears

The Secret Advantage To Taming Your Fears

By Eryka T. Johnson

Posing the question to my community of women “when it comes to living your dream, what is holding your back the MOST?” often results in nearly 9 out of 10 responses of FEAR. Fear is often the main reason most women don’t reach their potential, won’t fully commit to upgrading their lives, or will not fight for true happiness.

I like to say that F.E.A.R. stands for “fully expecting & anticipating resistance”. It’s an emotion stemmed by the belief that something is scary. Whether it’s true or not in real life, you’ve told yourself to accept this belief as YOUR reality and what you see as truth. It really equates to unbelief and you being unsure about your abilities, your God, and your dream. Ultimately, this leads you to being stuck and believing the worst.

You see, I believe that fear can be both an accelerator or a terrorist. It’s merely based on how you perceive it and allow it to operate in your life. For instance, if you become stuck and overly anxious, then you’ve chosen for fear to be a terrorist in your life. It causes you to be an emotional wreck and holds you hostage because of the constant thoughts of what could go wrong, will I really be able to make it, or even do I have what it takes.

However, when you commit to taming your fears, you strip fear of its power and give yourself the advantage.

Fear operates as an accelerator exposing your inner struggle and wrong beliefs. Most of all it causes you to look your fear in the eyes and fight for your life, your dreams, and your happiness. This is where the secret advantage comes in…fear serves you as a personal development tool that allows you to fully re-evaluate your beliefs, chose to increase your faith in that area, and take quick action.

Use fear to transform your life.

See you at the top,

Eryka T. Johnson