pain of the past

Get Ready To Be Free From The Pain of The Past

Are you stuck in the pain of the past?

Life has thrown you curve balls that have been challenging to say the least. You have experienced everything from unexpected disappointments, offense, lies, rejection, hurt, let down, and broken promises. And, it’s difficult to let it ALL go.

You want to move on with your life but often find yourself holding on to what’s familiar. Not only have you have figured out a way to protect yourself from any and ALL future hurt, but you’ve lost all faith in others around you. How can you trust them again?

You gave your “everything” and still ended up hurt, broken, and feeling empty.

pain of the past

I was this very person just a few years ago – hurt, angry, and vulnerable. I was convinced that the safest place to be was by myself – away from everyone else where I could make my own rules and watch my enemies closely. This soon became a very lonely place. There was little to no contact with those around me and I was unable to give or even receive love.

Is any of this familiar? If so, keep reading.

In an attempt to shield yourself, you’ve actually become separated from life as you once knew it with no way to get back. Not to mention, somewhere along this road you lost your true, authentic self. You put up walls that are now difficult to penetrate.

But, I have good news…there is help!

The Secret to Moving Beyond the Pain of The Past to Live Your Best Life Teleclass Recording

For 1.5 hours I led a group of women just like you through the process that allowed me to heal from my past. Having overcome molestations, gang rape, attempted suicide, and rejection, I NOW enjoy an incredible life with my husband, kids, career, business, and my God.

This recording is for you if…

  • You want to escape the prison you are in
  • You want to stop the walls from caving in around you
  • You want to release the pain
  • You want to excel in every area of your life
  • You want to live a more fulfilled life
  • You want peace of mind
  • You want to release your creativity again

There is no need to stay where you are because God has anointed YOU for where you are going!

past of the pain

Let’s work together for 1.5 hour to move pass the hurt, pain, and resentment to get to your destination of a promising future.

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