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I am so glad you are ready to begin moving fearlessly towards accomplishing your greatest goals and becoming the change agent and leader you are meant to be!!!

Let’s partner together to make the journey to creating your dream life a whole lot shorter but much more meaningful, rewarding and fun!

The following services are designed to strategically position you for maximum growth and success along the way!


Life Calls Coaching:

Start Creating the Life You Want!services

If you are ready to free yourself from limitations by confronting them and diminishing their power over your life, enroll in the Life Calls Coaching Group today.

With this Spirit-led empowerment program, you will go from simply recognizing your life’s call to actually moving forward into your destiny with tremendous power. As part of this small, intimate group of like-minded women, not only will you gain renewed motivation and passion to accomplish your greatest goals but you’ll receive breakthrough after breakthrough, where upon completion, you’ll look back and be thrilled with the progress you’ve made.

By combining your discipline and commitment with the Life Calls Signature System as well as the strategic support you’ll receive in the group; your life will be transformed and you will begin advancing quickly along the path of your prophetic destiny.

Life Calls Coaching is your launching pad! Join us today!

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Renew Me Retreat:

Rest ~Relaxation ~ Rejuvenation ~ Restoration

Renew Me Retreat

The Renew Me Retreat has been described as a time of relaxation, spiritual impartation, and lots of fun and fellowship. It offers women a sanctuary; a place where they can unwind and de-stress.

Take time for yourself!

Come be recharged and reclaim your motivation to go out and pursue your dreams with renewed energy and passion. The Renew Me Retreat provides that safe place that allows you to see through the chaos and clutter that surrounds your life so you gain clarity, purpose and concrete next steps for living your best life.

It’s time for a shift!

Are you ready to make it happen? In Just 3 Days you could be well on your way!

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Hire Eryka to Speak at Your Next Event

Keynotes, Training, Breakout Sessions, and Retreats


Whether in a room of businesswomen, stay-at-home moms, ministry leaders or career women, Eryka draws from her personal & professional experiences to connect with the issue of value & worth which women face daily regardless of status, background, or color.

Eryka’s presentations uplift and inspire women to live a better life without the guilt of putting themselves first. Women leave with the weight of “being everything to everybody” removed from their shoulders, the tools to transform their situations, and a fresh desire to connect with their true value & worth.

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