Set Yourself Apart

Set Yourself Apart from Others in Less Than 5 Minutes

By Eryka T. Johnson


Being unique in today’s culture is certainly on the rise.  Can’t you see it?  Look at the pop culture for instance.  Several young pop artists have found those things that are their greatest strengths and have celebrated them.

Did you realize it was that simple?

To set yourself apart from everyone else, you need only to do one thing.  Are you ready?  Find those things that you are good at or those things that naturally come to you.

Forget about being a cookie-cutter.  Forget about fitting in with everyone else.  Forget about blending in with the crowd.  Yes, you must come out of hiding and be yourself.

Celebrate your uniqueness and take your differences which others call odd and let them work for you.

Wow!  If I had only got that advice as a young girl, things would have been so different.  Instead, I spent years not understanding why it was so hard to fit in and comply with the standards of everyone else.  I desperately wanted to be with the in-crowd and be popular yet that was not the case.

Instead, God separated me years ago because He knew the plan He had for my life.  The things that I am doing now and will do in the future requires a person who does not mind being unconventional, speaking up when things aren’t quite right, and does not ‘go along to just get along.’

Answer the following questions about yourself:

  1. What are my strengths?
  2. What things am I good at?
  3. What things do I do well that others ask me about all the time?

After answering these questions, begin celebrating all these things about yourself.  This is what sets you apart from millions of others.  Can you dig it?

What is one of your strengths? Please leave your comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson