sharing your mess

Sharing Your Mess – The Core of any Change Movement

Eryka T. Johnson

Sharing your mess can be rather simple particularly when you are moving in the direction of making change.  This article deals with the importance of you sharing your mess & life circumstances.

A Change Movement is an impactful message carried forward with consistent action and momentum all geared towards rallying those that can relate and changing lives for the better.

In other words, your personal Change Movement is your story told from your point of view revealing all your mess which creates your profound message that will literally motivate your tribe. It is the message, if kept hidden, would be a dis-service to mankind and this world.

In the words of John P. Kee, “the thing that you want to hide is the thing that He wants to use.”


My Change Movement

I was a young Louisiana girl living in a single parent home – raised mainly by my older sister- feeling the abandonment and rejection of my father as a result of divorce. I often heard the words, “You are stupid” or “You are ignorant.” I was very unsure of myself, lacked direction, and had no self-worth. I attempted suicide at the age of 13. And, I was sexually abused repeatedly from the age of 8 until the age of 19. With, no sense of value, I lived a life of people-pleasing and tried to get others to like me by buying them with money.

Although, considered successful in my studies and career, my destructive ways often led to self-sabotage and feelings of inadequacy in my job. Plagued by the negative words of peers and managers, I struggled to prove myself and display the potential I had.

At the point of despair and wanting to give up, I broke free from this destructive lifestyle in 2005. Since then, I have been on a mission to motivate others to move beyond their insecurities and life circumstances in order to pursue and live their purpose to impact the lives of others all while defining their own picture of success.

My story is not a pretty one yet it reveals that life happens to all of us. Instead of trying to hide the pain, expose it and help others.

All movements are created by the pain and passion of a determined change agent that refuses to allow another person to suffer what they have overcome. So, share your message and impact the world.

Write down your story and share the parts you are comfortable with until you are able to share all of it. I would love to hear your story. So, share it on our new page at


Eryka T. Johnson