confront inner chatter

Simple Plan To Confront The Inner Chatter

By Eryka T. Johnson

A few days ago I shared a post and video on “10 Signs Impostor Syndrome May Be Affecting Your Success” which raised awareness of chronic self-doubt hindering your progression. In today’s article, we continue to focus on mindset mastery as we learn a simple plan to confront the inner chatter.


Inner chatter are the private negative thoughts spoken in your head but often not voiced out loud framed by your exposures, experiences, and environment.

  • Exposures – information received on a daily basis that shape your thinking. Think reality TV, social media, and radio.


  • Experiences – personal encounters you or a close friend endure. Think successes and failures.


  • Environment – imprinting of beliefs or programming by parents, authority figures, and inner circle. Think belief system or moral code.

Inner chatter manipulates you into NOT fully embracing your awesomeness or stepping into your full potential.

Impostor syndrome, inner chatter, inner fraud, inner gremlins, and inner critic are all the same form of self-doubt. They become your reality based on the three elements above and control your life if you never confront them. 


Confront The Inner Chatter

Negative thoughts viewed as limiting beliefs dictate the risks you take and your willingness to step outside a self-imposed boundary. 

Controlling your thought life means to engage every thought and analyze whether to accept or reject it as truth.

When negative thoughts appear, mentally follow this process:

  1. Where did these thoughts originate?
  2. Do they align with where I’m going?
  3. Are they truth or lies?
  4. Should I accept or reject them?


My Personal Experience

Remembering when I first started my business, the inner chatter kept me stuck, procrastinating on accomplishing my goals, and even had me feeling like a failure. I had to confront several limiting beliefs around owning and managing a profitable enterprise.

My limiting beliefs included:

  • I cannot connect family and business.
  • I don’t hold a business degree or possess knowledge on how to run a business.
  • I will trick individuals into buying your product or service.
  • No one in my family ran a successful business that created long term wealth.

The common theme of the inner chatter taking place in my head centered around the belief that I lacked everything necessary to win.  

Eventually, I began challenging each belief and realized the story I told myself seemed real but would not dictate my future as I could reverse them. I simply needed to clear my blocks.


Clear The Blocks

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~ Eryka