asking permissionStrategy #8 – Stop Asking Permission

Do you find yourself asking permission from your leader to work an idea or provide a solution to a problem?

This is a huge “no-no”!

Think about this for a moment. When your husband fixes an issue without asking you first, how does it make you feel? You didn’t have to provide any direction or energy to address the concern. You simply thanked him and reaped the benefits. For me, this feels great! My husband is not asking for permission to handle something well within his reach and his capabilities.

Your boss feels the same way. When leading a team, there can be so many fires to put out that it can get overwhelming at times. Having individuals on the team that are self-starters and make simple decisions are a welcomed addition. Those however that are helpless and act more like a kid than an employee, well these are ones that they want off the team.

Far too often as women, we lean towards asking permission in corporate settings.

This can be perceived as immature, childish, and non-management material.

YOU ARE AN EMPOWERED WOMAN! You have great ideas. If you can work them without increasing budget or compromising existing targets, pursue them. Close the gaps. Improve everyday systems.

If there is a broken system that is causing frustration for your team or organization, take the lead to improve it. Typically those not concerned with getting ahead or being recognized as an influential person in the workplace merely want to come to work, do their jobs, and go home. Making it so easy for you to stand out! This could be the perfect opportunity for you to step up and make some process improvements without being told to do so.

This will show initiative, a desire to initiate change, and a commitment to building a better place for your team to succeed. All are desirable qualities of a good leader.

Keep your ears and eyes open. If you hear the same complaints several times by different people, here’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate your leadership skills. Because you took ownership, you will differentiate yourself from others in your organization.

Stop asking permission to be what you’re already called to be…a LEADER.

Instead, lead knowing that you were designed to impact change and produce better results than most. You shouldn’t be asking permission to be great! It’s your time to excel and do what comes naturally to you.



Identify one problem you can easily solve for your organization. Do the work. Then, communicate it to your leader.

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