A Breakthrough in Confidence & Self-Esteem

By |October 1st, 2013|Change Your Life, Purpose, Self-Improvement, Value|

A Breakthrough in Confidence & Self-Esteem By Eryka T. Johnson Could you REALLY use a breakthrough in your confidence & self-esteem today? I certainly NEEDED a breakthrough considering I was not 100% sure of myself for years. The thoughts of not being good enough and not having what it takes to be my BEST were often in my mind. I was a MESS! Seriously, my lack of confidence and wavering self-esteem often put me in a position of wanting more but not able to access MORE. Since that time, I’ve spent hours focusing on how to overcome one of the [...]


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Building Confidnce & Self-Esteem That Lasts Just Got Easier By Eryka T. Johnson I'm super-excited as I write this post this morning...because, I'm doing something I've never done before! Complete overwhelm is what I felt as I read through nearly 100 responses received from our survey on "Confidence & Self-Esteem" shared a couple of weeks ago. So many of you took the time to give me feedback and tell me EXACTLY where I can help you right NOW! Thank you so much!!! As I sat and thought about AFFORDABLE and effective ways to help you build your confidence and raise [...]

Intimidating People & Your Confidence

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Intimidating People & Your Confidence By Eryka T. Johnson Do you have to deal with intimidating people in your life? Those who get joy from putting FEAR in the hearts and minds of those they bully on a daily basis. Dealing with such people can be difficult but not totally impossible. In today’s article, we will discuss intimidating people, what they are after, and how to protect your confidence when dealing with them. At some point in life, you may have to deal with intimidating people. If so, you need to be ready! I can recall back in elementary school. [...]