Breaking Loose – Are You Living in a Cage?

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Breaking Loose – Are You Living in a Cage? By Eryka T. Johnson Are you living in a cage? Are you stuck by unyielding circumstances? Do you feel there is no way out? Is your creativity restricted to a certain area? Well, you may be living in a cage and not fully aware of it. Living in a cage indicates that your actions are controlled by an external force – whether a person or circumstance. This outside force dictates your every move and keeps you from obtaining the highest expression of who you are. If you can identify a few [...]

Matteh – The Rod of God

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And you shall take this rod in your hand with which you shall work the signs [that prove I sent you]. (Exodus 4:17 AMP) Matteh – The Rod of God By Eryka T. Johnson Matteh is the Hebrew word for rod. Moses and the Israelites were well acquainted with the use of the matteh during their deliverance from Egyptian captivity. Its use provided the protection of God and miraculous things often occurred while using it by the instruction and under the direction of God. The rod was evidence that God was with the nation of Israel. In Exodus chapters 7 [...]